Strategic Liaison

Strategic Liaison


The main objective of WP1 is to develop a strategic agenda fostering EU-US collaboration on the challenges of Advanced Wireless Platforms ahead of worldwide competition for beyond 5G connectivity standards. In order to do that, WP1 will:

  1. Engage with the EU-US communities working on Advanced Wireless Platforms research and development, in particular the US NSF PAWR and the EU H2020/FP9,
  2. Develop and recommend a common EU-US strategic collaboration agenda on Advanced Wireless Platforms and
  3. Foster and articulate the execution of a collaboration strategy ahead of worldwide competition for beyond 5G connectivity standards.

The strategy developed in this WP, will be based on an understanding of the different communities, main projects and actions involved in the next generation of networks and associated wireless platforms. Once the different actors are identified, this WP will focus on understanding possible synergies with them and defining a high-level collaboration strategy. In particular the main result of this WP will be the development of the EMPOWER Strategy Document, which will be defined based on a collaboration with key players in the area. EMPOWER has already started this collaboration by defining its Advisory Board consisting on liaison with the following individuals:

– EMPOWER Coordinator and Chair of the AB: Serge Fdida

– EMPOWER WP1 Leader: Arturo Azcorra

– EMPOWER Industry Representative and WP2 Leader: Alain Mourad

– 5G-Infrastructure Association representative: Colin Willcock

– Networld2020: Rui Aguiar

– PAWR Research Director: Tommaso Melodia

– PAWR Technical Program Director: Abhimanyu (Manu) Gosain

– High-level representative from US wireless research community: Ed Knightly

– High-level representative from US platform community: Ivan Seskar