Project Structure

WP1 (Strategic Liaison): WP1 is in charge of identifying the main players that will impact the future wireless landscape as well as the Advance Wireless Platforms research and development, understanding possible synergies with them and defining a high-level collaboration strategy. WP1 will establish liaisons with the main players in those fields in USA and EU, to define a collaboration strategy involving both geographical regions for the short/medium/long term and to foster the execution of the short/medium term strategy.
WP2 (Advanced Wireless Technology Roadmap): WP2 aims at creating an advanced wireless technology roadmap which will define the research and development directions in the evolutionary and revolutionary paths pursued from 5G towards the Beyond 5G.
WP3 (Transatlantic Deployment and Evaluation Methodologies): WP3 is concerned with methods for fostering mutualisation of software development and computing/networking resources allowing for implementation of the roadmap defined in WP2. It will also be responsible for collecting analysis data from joint EU-US experimentation.
WP4 (Community bridging and Communication): WP4 will provide tools to foster the cooperation and the community building. It will promote the development of common solutions to deploy and operate advanced wireless platforms and their usage. In addition to involving the best actors in these fields, EMPOWER will disseminate its findings and proposed solutions to the main stakeholders for adoption. An important outcome will be the joint EU/US activities that will be developed thanks to EMPOWER, including the mobility of students, researchers and engineers. EMPOWER will use the various existing communication tools to reach out and disseminate towards the community, in the most important and visible events. EMPOWER will promote a more systemic use of wireless test platforms.
WP5 (Project Management): This work package will organize the Administrative and financial management, the Scientific management, quality assurance and risk assessment, and the Legal management.