June 18, 2019 all-day

EuCNC Workshop:

Empowering Transatlantic Platforms for Advance Wireless Research; a look at Pan-European end-to-end site facilities and vertical trials for 5G and their collaboration with NSF PAWR platforms.


The European Commission has created the CSA EMPOWER in order to foster the collaboration between Europe and USA on Advance Wireless Platforms, whichinclude ICT-17 End-to-End 5G platforms and NSF PAWR projects.The overarching aim of EMPOWER is to reinforce the cooperation between the EU and the US towards establishing a collaborative transatlantic community on the new connectivity frontiers beyond 5G with the ambition to accelerate the joint development of the associated advanced wireless platforms.

EMPOWER follows and builds on the recurrent dialogue between the EU and the US regarding collaboration for Advanced Wireless Platforms as presented in the “Report from the EU/US Future Networks Workshop”, dated November 11, 2017. EMPOWER targets the creation of a joint EU-US advanced wireless ecosystem for
(i) bridging the relevant EU-US Wireless communities and stakeholders, such as scientific researchers, platform engineers, standardization experts, regulators, and product incubators; and
(ii) developing a strategic EU-US collaboration agenda and supporting its execution ahead of worldwide competition for beyond 5G connectivity standards, based on common EU-US roadmaps spanning advances in scientific knowledge, platforms and testbeds, standards and regulations.

This workshop main objective is to put in contact key persons on Europe and USA to start a track record of collaborations and to discuss possible joint activities and evolution of the wireless platforms at both sides of the Atlantic towards beyond 5G technologies. In addition, the ongoing work of the three ICT-17-2018 projects and their NSF PAWR counterparts will be presented. Each of these projects will present the services provided by their projects, the infrastructure available at this stage and their roadmap.

Finally, time will be devoted to understand the requirements from possible users of the sites, in terms of equipment and services. The workshop will be mainly driven by ICT-17 and NSF PAWR representatives, although projects planning to use the wireless platforms, such as ICT-19 winning consortiums and projects with already established experience on collaboration with USA such as 5GinFire and EuWireless, will also be invited.
The workshop will be focused on discussing the challenges to foster collaboration between USA and EU, ICT-17 project presentations will focus on the possible need or value for collaboration opportunities with US / NSF PAWR projects.
The workshop also continues the work started in the INFOCOM 2019 Workshop on Experimentation Meets Platforms: A Survey of macro trends in mobile communication research and its impact on future testbed development.